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15min Photo Challenge

Busy ! These days everyone is very busy ! Working 12 hour a day to pay the bills, rushing home to do the housekeeping, stopping at the shop to get something for you empty for the empty fridge. At the end you figured out that you have no more time left for, actually, want to do.

At least this is happening to me, even in the 12h of work I spend some hours planning a photo shooting or actually doing a photo shooting. However it’s not the free photography I would like to do.

To fight about this I do now the 15 minutes photo challenge ! And I have to say it brings me a lot of pleasure.

It’s easy, you go somewhere, maybe just where you are, grab your camera, a lens and your tripod and start creating photos for 15 minutes.

The time span is quiet short to get out a good result, however this force you to focus, think about the result, think about the composition you want, use your actual location. It’s make you think about your background, your subject, your foreground and all this in a really effective manner !

I discovered that during that game I only think about photography it’s free up my mind and I have to admit it, it’s a great pleasure ! :-)

The photo at the top of this post is part of what I brought back today. I tell you give a try to the 15min photo challenge !

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