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2nd PhotoWalk

Yesterday I was leading the second PhotoWalk in Lausanne. This was the first time I invited people from Facebook, deviantArt, colleagues and friends all together.
Unfortunately this time the weather wasn’t with us. Well to be honest it was quiet bad.

I was surprised to see 2 people joining me at the meeting point. Even with bad weather there is a lot to photography: People fighting the snow, people freezing, details, …
But it’s hard to stay in photo mood. So after some shots we decided to go to the pub.

We spend the most time speaking about photo, about what we like to photography the most and how we do it. I learned some nice tricks :-) Sharing knowledge as meeting others are a big parts of a PhotoWalk !

After enjoying ur drinks we finally went out of the pub to try some night shots, specially because one guest never tried some. As expected the baseball hat and the lens hood was really help full keeping the rain drops away from the front lens. Super wide angle lenses are also trickier to use. To protect them from the rain and snow it’s far more tricky as you are very quickly in the frame. Anyway we still shot some nice stuff.

I’m looking forward to organize the next PhotoWalk. This time it will probably be during the week-end, maybe at the lake. Will see …

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