The Magic Hour Trick

Based on the question I got from other photographers during the two first PhotoWalk I think it’s a good idea to start sharing here some photography tricks.

What is the Magic Hour:
Today I will share the photography Magic Hour, sometimes also called the golden Hour. Most people say it’s the first and the last hour of day light. Personally I would say that the magic hour is half an hour before the sun breaks the horizon and half an hour after.
When I say horizon it’s not only the flat line when you’re at an ocean border but also edge of the mountains, the edge of the buildings of cityscape…

When is the Magic Hour:
There is a Magic Hour in the morning and one at the end of the day, the exact time of course changes with the seasons. The easiest way is to check the sunrise and sunset times in the newspaper or on the net (
Be just a bit careful because the given time is when the sun breaks the horizon but this isn’t always useful. For example when you live in Switzerland, you got mountains all around you (unless you are at the top of the world). So it’s good to have some spare time, being to early isn’t that bad, at least it’s far better than being late.
Note that often in the morning you get less people around.

What is the Magic Hour good for:
Basically during that time period you get better light! Due to the fact that the sun is low, the light cross more atmospheres so it gets often more diffuse and warmer in the tones. With the sun over the horizon you get longer shadows, your landscapes get more shadows, its makes them less flat and they look more interesting.

Useful information:
Think to scout out your spot, especially if you want to use the sunset Magic Hour. Because it’s make no sense wasting your time looking for the right spot, right composition while your light changes and the Magic Hour fades away.

Happy photography and don’t forget, have fun !

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