About Me

Our pictures are our footprints. It’s the best way to tell people we were here.

– Joe McNally –

My name is Marc Berthold and I’m a lucky person, yes I am!
Why is that? Because I don’t do photography for my living but for my pleasure! From my point of view, this is luck because I can do the photography I want. I’m not forced to accept any work, I can choose. To my mind this makes a big difference.

The spare time left over from my main jobs and my sweet girlfriend I use for photography. Not just taking pictures, but doing the planning, scouting, trying to get access, trying new techniques, doing some post processing, making money out of my photos…

The photography I like the most is the one involving people. Interacting with people is great, working for a result with people makes you smarter. The other photography I like is night photography. I like it because you are on your own, you’re alone with your mind and, well… when you think about it, it’s a bit silly ;-)

However, I don’t stick to these two areas. I like to try stuff, try to do something different :-) Take a look at my portfolio!

My Jobs
I don’t make my living with photography, at least not the major part of it. Most of my living comes from my job in IT. I work most of the time with computers: to be precise, with servers, IBM, AIX and Linux servers, and I have to say that I love my job! This can sound strange to some people but yes, I like my daily work :-)

I’m a really a lucky bastard, as I also work  for two friends who are the owners of one of the major clubs here in the French part of Switzerland. So I work on most major events they organize; this goes from huge events in Montreux to some Fullmoon trips to Thailand. This gives me a lot of photo opportunities :-)

Home, sweet home
As I said, I live in the French part of Switzerland in the area around Lausanne. Switzerland has got some downsides: there are no shops 24/7, everything is expensive and it’s a small country… But hey, it’s a marvelous country to live in ! :-) It’s peaceful, safe and Switzerland is definitely cool :-)

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